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On this site you'll find out what I've been up to, see some excerpts of my current and upcoming projects, and learn a little about my freelance writing, copywriting or scriptwriting services. Over the years, I have written several articles, tons of marketing and interactive content (new media), as well as a couple of screenplays, TV pilots and infomercials.

Enjoy the site and please don't hesitate to call or email me anytime.


Current news:

Doing a little documentary writing, Sept. 2009:
First it was non-fiction books, and now it's a documentary. Michelle took on writing a 10 minute screenplay for Faith in Practice about the work their doctors do in Guatemala. The project was so rewarding and inspiring, she will be spending a week as a volunteer in the country 2010 as their trip historian.

Back to the world of CBS News, July 2008:
Once a journalist; always a journalist. While the Tampa lifestyle was fantastic, and nothing beat running along Bayshore, Michelle could not resist going back to CBS News. She's now living in Houston, where she's adjusting her Tampa tan to the Texas drawl. She's also writing local news and 'Girl About Town' blog for the local CBS station, so you can find what she's up to anytime you want.

Michelle cooks - on Daytime TV! June 2008:
Michelle got to be Emeril for a day during a guest appearance on a Florida morning show. That's because she was promoting her Buff Dad fitness book and they actually asked her to cook! Michelle whipped up some poached fish with a homemade tomato salsa and was surprised at how good it looked on TV.

Buff Dad book is published, March 2008:
Michelle is totally pumped - figuratively and literally. That's because Buff Dad her fitness book for men is now in stores. Yay! This is a co-writing project with a LA trainer named Mike Levinson that she met. The project has been in the works for a couple of years and Michelle doesn't want to brag, but the program designed by Mike is brilliant and of course Michelle's writing is fantastic. In fact, James Denton from Desperate Housewives said it was a "funny, insightful read."

Michelle is in a book - and not as the writer, April 2007:
Michelle has actually been quoted in a book by Kristen Fischer. It's call Creatively Self-Employed and in the book Michelle reveals the scariest part of being a writer. She also admits it's very cool being interviewed instead of being the one always doing the interviews.

Reporting for My Town on CBS Memphis , February 2007:
Together with the marketing team at CBS Memphis, Michelle launched a website called My Town where she got to do a series of special reports highlighting crime prevention and people who made a difference in the city. Working with Ryan Nichols, a young talented photographer, they produced a number of short segments.

Paranormal short story published by Crowswing UK, Oct. 2006:
The Soul Hunter, a paranormal short story about a hired bounty hunter from the grave, has been chosen for an upcoming anthology with Crowswing Books in the UK. The anthology, entitled When Graveyards Yawn will be released the Winter of 2006.

Jamie Lee Curtis asked to read script, Sept. 2006:
Believe it or not, but one of Michelle's scripts, a paranormal thriller co-written with Guy Foumane, has made it into the hands of Jamie Lee Curtis. Jamie Lee loved the 3-page treatment Michelle wrote and has now asked to read the entire screenplay. Whether Jamie Lee decides to produce the script is still not known, but either way Michelle is amazed that it's gotten this far.

New York production company picks up sitcom, Aug. 2006:
Michelle received incredible news this past August when a New York production company called out of the blue and asked if she wouldn't mind if they produced the demo script she sent in on spec. Of course she said "yes!!". The pilot is currently in production.

Bad Bad Bath premiers on HGTV , May 2006:
In September 2005, Michelle Ponto wrote a pilot called INSPIRED URBAN SPACES, an interior design show based in New York. The pilot still hasn't been picked up, but the show's host, Krista Watterworth, just launched a second design show called "BAD BAD BATH" which airs on HGTV.

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